Addiction refers to a difficulty in controlling certain recurring behaviors to the extent that they have damaging consequences. Addictions are the result of controlling compulsions to use and do certain things in excess, often out of a need to escape from hurtful emotions and situations. Addictive impulses can trigger a self-perpetuating process, which can cause pain and suffering to you, and your friends and family.

Addictions can grow from many activities, including drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating, gambling, or having sex. Addictions can begin as a result of how certain activities make you feel emotionally and physically ‘high’, then develop into a repetitive cycle that becomes very hard to break.

Addiction counseling at First Step Counseling Center most often takes place in one-on-one session, but is also available in a couple, family and group format. We provide you with a confidential opportunity to examine your relationship with the addictive substance or behavior and its impact on your life.

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