Codependency Counseling

Codependency is the excessive emotional or psychological reliance on your partner. If you suffer from codependency you probably sacrifice your own needs for those of others, and may experience a diminished sense of self worth, which in turn can damage your self-esteem.

Codependency can become is a serious behavioral disorder, so it is important to look at codependent behavioral symptoms to determine if you or someone you love is suffering from the condition. A codependent person often will let their compulsions to help and care for others dictate their own life, which impedes on their own growth and happiness.

Treatment for Codependency can help you or a loved one understand why they feel the need to fulfill other’s needs and not their own. Family counseling and cognitive behavioral counseling are both well-suited treatments for codependency. At First Step Counseling Center we can help you identify codependency traits, understand why the behaviors are there, and build your self-esteem in order to block old patterns.

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